Intel i7 2600 Processor Compatible Motherboard – DZ68BC

This post will talk about Intel motherboards that are compatible with Intel i7 2600 processor. There are multiple motherboards that are compatible with i7  2600 processors. The Socket Type of every processor has a socket type. This post will talk about I7 processors in brief and will provide basic information about every compatible motherboard.

DZ68BC is a Intel I7 2600 compatible Intel Motherboard. DZ68BC supports upto 32 GB of System Memory and has four 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM Sockets and supports DDR3 RAMs of type 1600+, 1333 & 1066 MHz DIMMs. Four Super Speed USB 3.0 ports are available as well. Windows 8 is going to natively support USB 3.0, which means if you plan to install Windows 8 on your DZ68BC, you might not need to install any driver for USB 3.0 ports. Intel Desktop Board DZ68BC supports Intel Core i7 -K processors series and other processors in an LGA1155 socket. The price of DZ68BC in India is around Rs 16,000/- only.

DZ68BC is fully compatible with I7 2700K, I7 2600, I7 2600K, I7 2600S and with few other I5 & I3 processors. Before buying this Intel i7 compatible processor, please do make sure that you do understand your i7 processor model number and are aware of other relevant costs such as memory etc. The Intel I7 2700K is a 3.5 GHZ processor whereas Intel I7 2600S is a 2.80 GHZ processor, I7 2600K & I7 2600 are 3.4 GHZ processors. The Chipset for this I7 compatible motherboard is Intel Z68 Express Chipset and has Intel HD Graphics, there are two PCI Express 2.0 x16 connectors & Supports ATI CrossFireX and NVIDIA SLI.