Intel I7 900 Series Compatible Motherboard DX58SO

Selected I7 processor as your desktop processor ? Now it is the time to select an appropriate motherboard. Intel i7 supports upto max 32 GB of memory. However if you would be happy with maximum 16 GB of memory, then this Intel i7 compatible motherboard is for you. Intel i7 core processor supports memory types of DDR3 -1066 and 1333. The Intel Motherboard DX58SO has 4 240 pin DDR3 SDRAM Sockets and supports DDR3 1333 MHZ, DDR3 1066 MHZ and even DDR3 800 MHZ DIMMs (Dual Inline Memory Module).

This I7 compatible motherboard has 2 slots to connect PCI Express (x16) Cards. Yes this motherboard has traditional connectors and appropriate supports for it. Audio Connector, 12 USB ports, and allows to connect dual graphics cards and offers full support of next-generation ATI CrossFire and NVIDIA SLI. In India, you might grab your DX58SO motherboard for around 12,000/- . As Windows Opearting System is getting bigger and bigger, you might not need to look into the supplied disk if you install latest operating system such as Windows 8, Windows 7, etc. Yes ofcourse in order to utilize the maximum power of your i7 processor and the power of 16GB DDR3 memory, you might consider installing 64 bit version of the operating system. Yes there are other i7 compatible cheaper motherboards available for your I7 processor as well costing around Rs 4,000/- to Rs 5,000/ as well.