I7 Price in India

The Intel I7 processor is one of the best processor provided by Intel. In order to provide you information about I7 price in india, this post will identify various considerations about the I7 processor. Yes there are many different variants of I7 processor and same applies to the motherboard for the I7 processor. The total price of your assembled desktop can vary a lot depending on what you are looking for and what is available in your market.

The I7 processor for your desktop requires a special motherboard and an enhances SMPS as well. This post will talk specifically about this 2nd Generation Intel Core processor applicable for Desktop computers. Whether you are looking to get an assembled desktop or a boxed desktop, this information can save you time searching on internet about the price of an I7 desktop computer in India. Yes the I7 computer will cost you a good deal of money and in case you are living in or nearby cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Banglore, Chennai, etc you may have various computer dealers or vendors to choose from and availability of your desired I7 desktop computer may provide you an appropriate I7 run desktop computer. Some information about the software / operating system will also be provided here.

Latest Intel I7 processor comes in typically 6 variants. The cheapest of all the I7 processors in these 6 variants is the model number Intel Core i7-2600 Processor. It was launched in Quarter 1 of 2011 and in the same quarter 2 other Intel i7 processors were launched (namely Intel i7 2600K and Intel i7 2600S). Other 2 Intel I7 processors were launched in Quarter 4 of 2011 namely Intel i7 2700K and Intel i7 3930K. Intel also launched another i7 Desktop processor in quarter 4 of 2011 named Intel Core i7-3960X Processor Extreme Edition which is the costliest one.

Cheapest Intel i7 core desktop processor is Intel processor number i7 2600 and the costliest one is Intel i7 – 3960X. Hence in order to talk about the price of Intel i 7 in india, you need to know that depending on the Intel i7 processor you select for your desktop computer, the total price of your desktop computer can change drastically.

Let’s talk a little about Intel i7-2600 Processor number. The Clock speed of the processor is 3.4 GHz and the maximum turbo frequency is 3.8 GHZ. The maximum RAM supported by this Intel i7-2600 processor is 32 GB. Yes a whooping solid 32 GB can give your desktop computer a real boost and can speed up the things. However the maximum RAM practically you can add to your computer running on Intel i7-2600 processor will depend on broadly 3 factors.

When calculating the price of an i7 desktop computer, the first important factor is how much memory does will your motherboard support or how much memory you want it to support. You will find motherboard for i7 supporting 32 GB of RAM and you will find motherboard supporting lesser RAM as well. In case your motherboard has support for 32 GB of memory only then you will be able to actually install 32 GB of RAM to your i7 computer. The price of RAM just like any other electronic equipment has gone down and you might find a 4GB DDR3 RAM at around Rs 1,100/- depending on your city and shop of purchase. In case you motherboard supports, you can even consider 8GB DDR3 RAMs for your I7 Desktop Computer.

The i7 2600 processor for your desktop will cost you around Rs 15,000/- again depending on availability, city of purchase and vendor from whom you plan to purchase. In cities like mumbai, delhi, etc there are lots of vendors, dealers and shopkeepers and hence spending some time in asking few of them about the i7 price might be a good investment as well.

In summary the price of an I7 Desktop computer in India or any other location will depend on factors such as Selection of appropriate I7 Desktop Processor, How much RAM you wish your computer to support, depending on the RAM you will have to select an appropriate motherboard and finally the SMPS of the desktop computer has to be a special one so that it can support and appropriately power up your i7 computer.