Send Bulk SMS to DND and Non – DND Mobile Numbers in India

Yes you can send SMS to a Mobile Number without knowing whether that particular Mobile Number has subscribed to Do Not Disturb Registry or not. Now a days registration to DND Registry is required to avoid promotional messages popping up ever now and then. When you have to send SMS in Bulk to a group […]

Bulk EMail Service Provider Goa

Email delivery is the cheapest way to market your product or services and best Bulk Email Marketing Strategy makes sure that your Emails are delivered to intended receipts. Bulk Email marketing is used basically for two purposes. The first purpose of sending out emails in bulk is to reach out email account owners who have given you […]

Windows Repair Goa

Is your Windows Computer running Slow or not Booting At all and you are looking for a Windows Repair Service in Goa ? Yes you have come to the right place, we do provide Windows Repair Service from Panaji of Goa. Whether you need to extract Data from your Hard Disk or simply get your […]

Software Development, Website Designing and Other Services

In Association with Software Developers of Goa, Custom Software Development, Website Designing and other Services are now being offered to clients. Given below are few of the Software Services that are being offered. In case you are looking for something related, please do write to Apart from given below software services other custom design […]

Intel i7 2600 Processor Compatible Motherboard – DZ68BC

This post will talk about Intel motherboards that are compatible with Intel i7 2600 processor. There are multiple motherboards that are compatible with i7  2600 processors. The Socket Type of every processor has a socket type. This post will talk about I7 processors in brief and will provide basic information about every compatible motherboard. DZ68BC […]