Windows Repair Goa

Is your Windows Computer running Slow or not Booting At all and you are looking for a Windows Repair Service in Goa ? Yes you have come to the right place, we do provide Windows Repair Service from Panaji of Goa. Whether you need to extract Data from your Hard Disk or simply get your Windows Computer up and running, we provide all kind of Windows Repair Service. Yes We do fix Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and even Windows 8.1 Computers.

In case your Windows Computer is struck with Blue Screen of Death or anything else, contact us to get your Windows Installation Fixed without loosing your existing Data on your Windows Computer. Yes we even provide Deleted Data Recovery from Hard Disk and other Services so that you can sit and relax while we use our technical knowledge to find out the problem with your Windows Computer and Fix it.

Do Send us an Email at with details of your Problem with your Windows Computer and we will pick up your Hard Disk and bring it back to you with all agreed problems fixed in your Hard Disk. Our Office is in Panaji of Goa and you can also visit our office with prior appointment. You can also avail our Custom Software Development Service to get a bespoke Software Application for Windows or other Operating Systems to automate any tedious and repetitive tasks. Yes we do have good experience with Windows Internals and our technicians are equipped with appropriate knowledge to repair Windows Computers and other Software Developers create Software Applications which help people use Windows Effectively.

Software Development, Website Designing and Other Services

In Association with Software Developers of Goa, Custom Software Development, Website Designing and other Services are now being offered to clients. Given below are few of the Software Services that are being offered. In case you are looking for something related, please do write to Apart from given below software services other custom design software and hardware solutions are being offered as well. Our custom designed software and hardware solutions can give you Automation of almost everything. Whether you want to shutdown your windows computer by sms or control switches or other machines by sms or by internet or anything else, write to and get your custom made system designed by experts.

Custom Made Software Solutions

Custom Made Software Solutions

  • Custom Software Development for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android and Windows 8 Phones.
  • Website Designing , Domain Registration and Website Hosting, EMail Hosting and other Web related Services.
  • Search Engine Optimization or as it is called SEO and Website Promotion.
  • Hardware Interaction Software.
  • Upgrade Website or Software with new Technologies
  • Office Automation by Automating Repetitive Tasks like Automated Data Entry in Microsoft Excel, Word or even in Online Websites.
Domain Registration Goa

Domain Registration Goa

Yes there are lots of other Software Services offered and all Software Services are delivered to perfection. Write to or click on the link above to know more about the software and web based services offered from Panaji of Goa. Send in your query and get free quote on your software and hardware requirements.

Intel i7 2600 Processor Compatible Motherboard – DZ68BC

This post will talk about Intel motherboards that are compatible with Intel i7 2600 processor. There are multiple motherboards that are compatible with i7  2600 processors. The Socket Type of every processor has a socket type. This post will talk about I7 processors in brief and will provide basic information about every compatible motherboard.

DZ68BC is a Intel I7 2600 compatible Intel Motherboard. DZ68BC supports upto 32 GB of System Memory and has four 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM Sockets and supports DDR3 RAMs of type 1600+, 1333 & 1066 MHz DIMMs. Four Super Speed USB 3.0 ports are available as well. Windows 8 is going to natively support USB 3.0, which means if you plan to install Windows 8 on your DZ68BC, you might not need to install any driver for USB 3.0 ports. Intel Desktop Board DZ68BC supports Intel Core i7 -K processors series and other processors in an LGA1155 socket. The price of DZ68BC in India is around Rs 16,000/- only.

DZ68BC is fully compatible with I7 2700K, I7 2600, I7 2600K, I7 2600S and with few other I5 & I3 processors. Before buying this Intel i7 compatible processor, please do make sure that you do understand your i7 processor model number and are aware of other relevant costs such as memory etc. The Intel I7 2700K is a 3.5 GHZ processor whereas Intel I7 2600S is a 2.80 GHZ processor, I7 2600K & I7 2600 are 3.4 GHZ processors. The Chipset for this I7 compatible motherboard is Intel Z68 Express Chipset and has Intel HD Graphics, there are two PCI Express 2.0 x16 connectors & Supports ATI CrossFireX and NVIDIA SLI.

Intel I7 900 Series Compatible Motherboard DX58SO

Selected I7 processor as your desktop processor ? Now it is the time to select an appropriate motherboard. Intel i7 supports upto max 32 GB of memory. However if you would be happy with maximum 16 GB of memory, then this Intel i7 compatible motherboard is for you. Intel i7 core processor supports memory types of DDR3 -1066 and 1333. The Intel Motherboard DX58SO has 4 240 pin DDR3 SDRAM Sockets and supports DDR3 1333 MHZ, DDR3 1066 MHZ and even DDR3 800 MHZ DIMMs (Dual Inline Memory Module).

This I7 compatible motherboard has 2 slots to connect PCI Express (x16) Cards. Yes this motherboard has traditional connectors and appropriate supports for it. Audio Connector, 12 USB ports, and allows to connect dual graphics cards and offers full support of next-generation ATI CrossFire and NVIDIA SLI. In India, you might grab your DX58SO motherboard for around 12,000/- . As Windows Opearting System is getting bigger and bigger, you might not need to look into the supplied disk if you install latest operating system such as Windows 8, Windows 7, etc. Yes ofcourse in order to utilize the maximum power of your i7 processor and the power of 16GB DDR3 memory, you might consider installing 64 bit version of the operating system. Yes there are other i7 compatible cheaper motherboards available for your I7 processor as well costing around Rs 4,000/- to Rs 5,000/ as well.

I7 Price in India

The Intel I7 processor is one of the best processor provided by Intel. In order to provide you information about I7 price in india, this post will identify various considerations about the I7 processor. Yes there are many different variants of I7 processor and same applies to the motherboard for the I7 processor. The total price of your assembled desktop can vary a lot depending on what you are looking for and what is available in your market.

The I7 processor for your desktop requires a special motherboard and an enhances SMPS as well. This post will talk specifically about this 2nd Generation Intel Core processor applicable for Desktop computers. Whether you are looking to get an assembled desktop or a boxed desktop, this information can save you time searching on internet about the price of an I7 desktop computer in India. Yes the I7 computer will cost you a good deal of money and in case you are living in or nearby cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Banglore, Chennai, etc you may have various computer dealers or vendors to choose from and availability of your desired I7 desktop computer may provide you an appropriate I7 run desktop computer. Some information about the software / operating system will also be provided here.

Latest Intel I7 processor comes in typically 6 variants. The cheapest of all the I7 processors in these 6 variants is the model number Intel Core i7-2600 Processor. It was launched in Quarter 1 of 2011 and in the same quarter 2 other Intel i7 processors were launched (namely Intel i7 2600K and Intel i7 2600S). Other 2 Intel I7 processors were launched in Quarter 4 of 2011 namely Intel i7 2700K and Intel i7 3930K. Intel also launched another i7 Desktop processor in quarter 4 of 2011 named Intel Core i7-3960X Processor Extreme Edition which is the costliest one.

Cheapest Intel i7 core desktop processor is Intel processor number i7 2600 and the costliest one is Intel i7 – 3960X. Hence in order to talk about the price of Intel i 7 in india, you need to know that depending on the Intel i7 processor you select for your desktop computer, the total price of your desktop computer can change drastically.

Let’s talk a little about Intel i7-2600 Processor number. The Clock speed of the processor is 3.4 GHz and the maximum turbo frequency is 3.8 GHZ. The maximum RAM supported by this Intel i7-2600 processor is 32 GB. Yes a whooping solid 32 GB can give your desktop computer a real boost and can speed up the things. However the maximum RAM practically you can add to your computer running on Intel i7-2600 processor will depend on broadly 3 factors.

When calculating the price of an i7 desktop computer, the first important factor is how much memory does will your motherboard support or how much memory you want it to support. You will find motherboard for i7 supporting 32 GB of RAM and you will find motherboard supporting lesser RAM as well. In case your motherboard has support for 32 GB of memory only then you will be able to actually install 32 GB of RAM to your i7 computer. The price of RAM just like any other electronic equipment has gone down and you might find a 4GB DDR3 RAM at around Rs 1,100/- depending on your city and shop of purchase. In case you motherboard supports, you can even consider 8GB DDR3 RAMs for your I7 Desktop Computer.

The i7 2600 processor for your desktop will cost you around Rs 15,000/- again depending on availability, city of purchase and vendor from whom you plan to purchase. In cities like mumbai, delhi, etc there are lots of vendors, dealers and shopkeepers and hence spending some time in asking few of them about the i7 price might be a good investment as well.

In summary the price of an I7 Desktop computer in India or any other location will depend on factors such as Selection of appropriate I7 Desktop Processor, How much RAM you wish your computer to support, depending on the RAM you will have to select an appropriate motherboard and finally the SMPS of the desktop computer has to be a special one so that it can support and appropriately power up your i7 computer.

Computer Parts in Panaji Goa

We sell computer parts in Goa from our Panaji office. We provide almost all parts of computer on sale including given below. In case you cannot find an appropriate service / device in the list below, please do not hesitate to contact us at and there are good chances that we will be able to deliver what you are looking for.

  • UPS of as minimum as 500 VA to higher range such as 30 KVA.
  • Cartridge Refilling, Repair of Printers, Sale of Printers of various companies such as HP, Canon, etc of various types such as Laserjet, InkJet, Dot Matrix, etc.
  • We sell Networking equipments and provide network management support. You can even buy Modems, Network Cards, Cables, Switches, etc.
  • We also take Annual Maintenance Contracts also known as AMC for single or multiple computers in standalone or in network.
  • Internal or External Hard Disks can be bought from our Panaji based office as well, popular brands are available such as Seagate, etc offering warranty of upto 3 Years.
  • We also sell Motherboards of various branded companies such as Intel, Gigabyte, Asus, etc. We can also provide cabinet with motherboard at extra cost.
  • CD or DVD Drives are also available for sale from our Panajim Office. You can also buy blank CDs and DVDs at cheapest price available.
  • Graphics Cards supporting Single or Multiple Monitors are also available for sale of various popular companies.
  • RAM of various variants such as DDR2 , DDR3, etc are also available for sale with computer or standalone.
  • CRT / LCD Monitors of Samsung, BenQ , AOC and other manufacturers.
  • USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 disk drives, converters, etc.
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, etc.

Apart from Sale of Computer Parts, we also sell Laptops of various brands, provide repair service for Laptops and Desktops, Sell Custom Build Desktops and lots more, Just contact us on support@goamonster.comand let us fulfill your computer needs including requirements for computer parts, any appropriate software sale with or without installation and virtually anything related to computers. Our Office is at Panaji backed up by technical professionals, we also provide delivery at doorstep service at extra charge.

Cheapest Laptop Prices in Panaji – Goa

Looking to buy a brand new laptop with cheapest price in Panaji Goa? We sell laptops of all manufacturers at cheapest prices, whether you are looking to buy a Dell Laptop or Lenovo, HP or any other laptop. Just browse net to find out which model you want to buy or call us and tell what all you want your laptop to do and we can suggest you a laptop that can fulfill your needs. All Laptops sold by us are original laptops and depending on every manufacturer, the warranty can be claimed easily.

Call us now to buy a laptop from Panaji. We also offer wholesale discounts in case you do want to buy multiple laptops. Dell offers onsite warranty of the laptops and other manufacturers provide offline warranty (which mean that you will be required to take the laptop to the appropriate service centre) in case the laptop breaks down. New laptops do work well and there are good chances that you will not have to claim the warranty of the laptop.

Get the cheapest quote of any brand of laptop from us. In case you are not sure of what model you should buy, give us a ring and we can suggest you the best laptop model that can give you what all you would need you laptop to do. You can also visit our office in Panajim. The Contact Us link above can guide you to our office or just write to us at .

Computer Dealer in Panaji Goa

Computer Dealer in Panaji Goa offers sale, purchase and rent of computers and computer accessories. Branded Laptop Computers, Notebooks, Assembled Desktop Computers, External Hard Disk Drives, Internal hard Disk Drives (of upto 1 TB), Webcam, UPS, USB Internet, Desktop Repair, laptop Repair, sale and Purchase of Old and new Computers is few of the things that this computer dealer offers from Panaji based office in Goa.

Whether you are looking forward to buy a brand new LCD or LED Monitor, best graphics card, portable notebook or anything else, write to us at and we will provide you your desired item at your doorstep or you can collect it from our Panaji based office. We deal in all types of computer hardware and software things as well. We offer Operating  System repairing , Data Recovery, Software Installation and other services from our Panaji based office.

This unique Computer Dealer of Goa provides Annual Maintenance contract for computer service and repair, network setup & maintenance & almost everything you might need related to computers. Call us now & get everything related to computers now.

Buy Computer Accessories from Panajim Goa

Buy any type of computer accessories from Panajim Goa. Buy New Internal Hard Disk Drive, External hard Disk Drive, USB 2.0 drive, USB 3.0 drive, webcam, USB internet connection and much more. All the new computer accessories are supported by appropriate warranty from the manufacturer. We will provide you appropriate documents for the purchases you make from us. We will also provide you the information about the warranty period of any computer accessory you buy from us. In case a particular computer accessory is not supported by manufacturer warranty, it will be communicated to you.

In case you want to place a bulk order of any computer part or accessory, please do tell us well in advance so that we can provide you the best possible price available. The prices of computers and computer parts change often depending on demand and supply and other factors. Contact us on and tell us what computer parts you would like to buy. Once you tell us your requirements, we will give a quote and in case you are satisfied with the terms and conditions, we can proceed ahead and provide you the agreed computers or computer accessories as agreed.

All the sales made are made from our office in Panajim of Goa. We also deal in selling and purchasing of old computers and we also provide computers and computers parts on rent. Give us a call now and get comprehensive technical support, best prices , and best possible electronic equipments that money can buy.

Sell Laptop or Desktop in Panajim Goa

We do sell and buy laptop and desktop computers. We deal in old and new laptop and desktop computers from our office in Panajim Goa. As computers are getting more and more sophisticated, it can be really difficult to say about the price of an old laptop or desktop computer. In case you want to sell your computer, please do contact us and tell us about the technical specifications of the computer and we in turn can suggest you the appropriate price of your second hand or even third hand computer.

When we buy old computers, we do examine the technical specifications of the computer, evaluate the best possible price and tell you about the same. In case you are happy with the offer, we will ask you to keep the computer at our premises for atleast 24 hours and after which you can collect your payment. We ask to leave your computer at our premises for atleast 24 hours so that our technical experts can have a look at it and make sure that everything works as agreed. In case of Laptops, the grace period may not be too much as compared to that of Desktop. In return of your old computer, we can also offer you cash or discount on any new products you buy from us. You can also get your computer or laptop repaired , serviced or you can also go for an upgrade.

In order to contact us, please do write to us at and tell us about the computer(s) you wish to sell. In case you are aware of technical specifications of the computer(s) you wish to sell, it can really speed up the computer sale. You can also visit our office in Panajim to sell your laptop, desktop, computer monitor (LCD or CRT) or even other computer accessories such as Hard Disk, CD Drive, DVD Drive, etc.