Buy Computers from Panaji

Wanna buy brand new computer(s) with custom configuration? Give us a call and tell us about your requirements and we will offer you a quote with cheap and best prices for the complete computer with your own custom configuration. We can even suggest you the best possible computer configuration according to your computer needs.

Now a days the price of computer parts is really coming down day by day. However computer parts manufacturers do not lower price but instead they offer an improved version of the computer part at the same old price. You can get a 1 Terra Byte Hard Disk by paying in almost as the same as for a 500GB hard disk. Almost all the computer parts come with warranty giving you peace of mind and full value for your money spent on purchasing complete desktop computer or even seperate parts such as Add On Hard Disk, Graphics Card for gaming or high performance graphics, TV Tuner Card, CCTV Camera, DVR Card, LCD Monitors and much more.

Buy computer(s) from our computer sales center and get the most out of your money. We also offer AMC for new or existing computers in home / business location. Computer networking, renting of computer, computer repair are few other services which we offer from our business prremises in Panaji – Goa. Give us a ring now and let us offer you best deal of desktop or laptop computers.